Is it a thing

Probably. Eventually.

Updates coming!

So, we built this thing 2 years ago and haven’t really touched it. Life gets in the way, you know… Stupid day jobs.

But, it’s probably time to make this more awesome. We are sticking with the simple response you are all used to, but we will be rebuilding a number of the underlying pieces, starting with the page titles. Now, each response, in addition to having its own url has a proper title… with the actual response right in it:

Is double rainbow a thing? – Yes.

It seems small, but it means that Google might actually index the site!

We’ll be adding some other bits to let folks prove that what they say is a thing is (or is not) actually a thing… The internet said so!

Stay tuned!

It’s a thing

It seems like this project might be a thing, so we figured we’d better start recording our progress… You know, because that’s what you do when you have a neat little project like this.

So, to answer the few questions we have had about this project so far:

What the…?

Have you ever asked yourself, or your neighbor, if something is a thing or not? Of course you have. Now you can get a definitive answer.

…but how…?

How do we determine if something is a thing? In a word, Magic. In truth, we are still working on that. As of this moment, we include some of the results of our application below your simple result. All affirmative responses are linked to some relevant information.

…no, how…?

How did we come up with this brilliant idea? Well, it all goes back to a fine summer day, a few weeks ago. We were out on my personal hovercraft and noticed a puff of smoke on the horizon. Of course, I had to investigate, so I fired up…

…wait, “hovercraft”…?

of course “hovercraft…” what else? Where was I? Right, puff of smoke on the horizon. I fired up my shiny new…

…hang on a minute…

Look, if you’re not going to listen, I have work to do on Good day.

…hold on…

I said “good day!”